Friday, October 31, 2014

October Moments - Posted or No

Full weekend. Happy anniversary and happy birthday to some of my favourite people, freshly pressed apple/pear juice, my manly man hacking the old fridge for the last time, and the little hobbit and me listening to Carmen while getting over our colds. And a surprise thunderstorm that tossed laundry onto yet another neighbor's balcony.

8 October 
First time on a bike since the little hobbit was born - looking forward to being able to tuck him in a seat and take him along! Faster than a buggy, cheaper than public transport... if only it was waterproof.

9 October
The good news is, we have a new refrigerator. The bad news is, Pippin is too small to make a house in the box.

19 October 
126+ pieces of paper to prove who our son is and what country(s) he's a citizen of. Glad the Kingdom of Heaven doesn't work that way. Nor require documents FILLED IN LEGIBLY IN BLACK INK OR YOU WILL BE DOOMED FOREVER.

23 October 
Sometimes my baby owl decides to wake up and stay up. For hours. At night. Sometimes I react maturely by pinching his cheek and cooing at him in Greek and accepting we can't all be adults all the time, koukla mou.

26 October

The problem with letting coffee back into your life on a regular basis is that 'regular' expands from one decaf latte a week... to one decaf a day... to a half-and-half latte daily... to a decaf and then a latte... and then a latte and a normal... and then two lattes and a normal....

29 October 
It's so embarrassing when you're in the middle of a pterodactyl screech imitation session... and then your mum kisses your tummy and makes you giggle so hard you hiccup. Humiliating.