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October Moments - Posted or No

5  October   Full weekend. Happy anniversary and happy birthday to some of my favourite people, freshly pressed apple/pear juice, my manly man hacking the old fridge for the last time, and the little hobbit and me listening to Carmen while getting over our colds. And a surprise thunderstorm that tossed laundry onto yet another neighbor's balcony. 8 October   First time on a bike since the little hobbit was born - looking forward to being able to tuck him in a seat and take him along! Faster than a buggy, cheaper than public transport... if only it was waterproof. 9 October The good news is, we have a new refrigerator. The bad news is, Pippin is too small to make a house in the box. 19  October  126+ pieces of paper to prove who our son is and what country(s) he's a citizen of. Glad the Kingdom of Heaven doesn't work that way. Nor require documents FILLED IN LEGIBLY IN BLACK INK OR YOU WILL BE DOOMED FOREVER.