Thursday, May 21, 2015

Morning Milk

He makes a little chirping noise to let me know he's done with his morning milk.

Once he has my attention, and I'm not looking at my phone or eReader, he pushes the empty bottle out of the way and squirms into a more comfortable position on my lap.

There he cuddles quietly against me for 2.5 seconds.

Then he dives, face first, off my lap. He speed crawls towards the window and spends the next minute patting the glass and making sure the neighborhood is safe.

Then he crawls away for the next adventure.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Inside and Outside a DutchInLaw Life

This month some of my family are coming to visit (so exciting!), which means that I get to show them around my DutchInLaw life. It would be fascinating to introduce them to more DutchInLaws – foreigners married to Dutch spouses – because everyone has a different way of interacting with Dutch culture. This is mine.

There's the inside world: I drink tea, read and write, and take care of my little family.
There's the outside world: I bike around town, have coffee with friends, and take Pippin to the shops and the library.