Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"It's a new day, it's a new life..."

Happy Meal, Michael Buble on the radio- "...and I'm feelin' good." I'm currently perched up in the second floor of Macdo's, watching the world go by.

A few blocks away is the humanitarian office where I start work today. Tomorrow, starting at the refugee office. Even if both are volunteer jobs, they sound overwhelmingly my style. PR and communication work, carrying my camera and notepad around, and making a difference. "Op mijn lijf geschreven" as they say here. Obviously no high salary, just volunteers' recompense, but cool work, I think. And maybe next year I'll find a paying job that is just as cool.

I'm curious about all the different things I'll be learning; refugee events, anti-poverty meetings, community videos. Fascinating to be able to make a difference in this region, in ways I couldn't have seen a year ago. My experience and portfolio are def going to grow along the way. The fact that I can bike to work here is also a big plus.

Today D and I biked in together, before he split off one way and me another. A fun start to our workdays, even if it means hurrying over breakfast and making sure both sets of sandwiches are made and packed. For the record, today's lunch is a special treat, and not a new habit :P Then again, occasionally getting to work early and having a mini cappucino while reading through notes... not a bad idea. So very grateful to finally have something to use my days for. Language study helpes, and I loved 'my' preschool kids, but I'm excited about having a job, and one that I like!

Lunch over (including some of the yummiest fries I've ever had at a Macdo's). Time to start brainstorming.

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