Thursday, August 1, 2013

Even Scary Looking People Need Friends

It was a hot, sunny day. I was biking into the city, when a bridge opened. I knew I'd be stuck for the next five or so minutes until it was lowered again. I glanced around at the other stranded vehicles on the bridge, and hoped I wouldn't be late for babysitting.

Then I saw them. Three burly guys with motorcycles, showing off a mix of sunglasses, leather, and tattooed skin. But they weren't just chilling on their big machines, letting the engines rumble impatiently.

Two had apparently parked their bikes and stood next to each other on the highway, the skyscrapers in the background. A third biker walked to the front, near the bridge guard rail. He held up what looked like a phone, or small camera. Click. Then he switched places, and while another took a picture he put his arm around his friend and posed. Click. A few minutes later, the bridge went down, and they all climbed back on their massive motors and roared away.

Even scary looking people need friends. Because who else will take photos when you're out having adventures on a sunny day?

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