Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mum Time

Chilling out at the Hema cafe, watching a mum wrestle her baby into a front carrier. Out the window strolls the Saturday morning crowd, including a fair amount of children and strollers. I'm waiting for a new friend to join me for coffee - decaf, since we're both pregnant. We connected via a Facebook group for expatriate parents in the region, and decided it would be fun to meet up.

I'm excited about the possibilities with this group - playdates with our little ones, shared concerns and questions about parenting in NL. A pregnancy tea in a few weeks. Connecting for coffee, or shopping.
And I'm excited about this morning, sharing coffee and swapping stories about how we came to live here and our mutual hobbies. And, of course, talking about pregnancy, and surviving the last month or so before our due dates! It'll be a fun morning :)

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