Monday, August 18, 2014

Schedule Wrecker

They say that babies wreak havoc on a schedule. We're currently on vacation, but I'm finding it ironic how often our little Pippin manages to interrupt even the loosest of plans. "I'm ready to have my lunch," I think... and then he wakes up and wants his. "Great weather for sitting on the balcony,"I say to D, only to hear noises alerting us that a certain little person has woken up and wants attention. Not to mention the last minute diaper changes and back-up bottles prepared before trips to the store or someone's house.

I can't say any of this is unexpected. After growing up with multiple siblings and then spending years as a daycare teacher and nanny, I'm used to the natural disregard little people have for big people's plans. And we've been blessed to have lots of family around this summer - lots of arms to hold him so I can shower, eat a proper meal, and take naps. It's going to be interesting to see how life evolves after we're back to a normal schedule and D goes back to work. Just me and Pippin during the day, trying to find a balance of keeping him clean and fed and happy and get a few things done as well....

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  1. I miss you and wish I could hold that sweet baby. Love you.