Friday, April 1, 2016

Ossim Day

Some days we just burble along here.

Other days are OSSIM.

Today was an ossim day.

The word 'ossim' evolved a few years ago while skyping or messaging, and I'm not sure if it was with my word-creative family, my British twin/roommate, or not-yet-husband. But it is now firmly in our vocabulary, and gets used when something is specially awesome but not quite in the normal way.

Today was full of random bits of happiness and ossims that combined into one big glow.

Ossim number one: sunshine. Bare feet in the house as the sunshine poured through our west-facing window. We wore short sleeved shirts and I even pulled on a pair of shorts. Pippin had to make do with sweatpants since he grew out of his shorts from last year. But I received an email today that my C&A order has arrived at the store, so I can go pick that up and he will look SNAZZY.

Another ossim: I feel like a modern emancipated woman this last month because I have placed three orders of clothes, three orders of books, one order of Pippin-needs-this-for-vacation stuff, and one order of groceries. I know that other people do this sort of thing all the time, but it's new for me. And  incredibly convenient. Not always time-saving, of course, because I spend hours making sure I have all the items for the lowest price and the best combination of shipping offers.

Another ossim: dancing and humming to nursery and Bible songs with Pippin. He especially likes the 'Hehehe, hahaha' part of "Ik Zag Twee Beren". Easy to join in with.

Another ossim: going on a walk to the recycling bins and finding a heap of junk on the street. We left the cool plastic seesaw, since there is increasingly less room in the house and basement, but we did adopt two miniature blue chairs. Once they were rinsed and dried at home, Pippin tested them out by climbing over and through them. Then he decided one was a racecar and started shoving it around the room, as fast as his little legs would go. I have a video of about seven seconds that ends with the camera wobbling and my giggle in the background as he ran into my legs. Second video, same thing. Apparently these chairs do not have brakes installed.

Overarching ossim: plants, plants, plants. A post may emerge at some point, but the short version is: plants. Our grocery store bribes us to spend more money by offering mini plant pots with seeds. I am a huge fan of this. So far we have collected about 37 plant pots but have not yet managed to 'collect all 16!' for in the fun little tray. Which is technically ok because I would not know what to do with a fenkel if someone handed me one. I'd been eyeing the (adorable but not really necessary) plant tray, but broke down and ordered it yesterday. Because it was half price when ordering online, and 70 cents really is not that exorbitant, is it? Of all the different sales Albert Heijn has held (sports stickers, tiny grocery shop toys, cutlery), their 'Sparen voor je eigen moestuintje' is my favorite. From what I've seen on Facebook, quite a few other people want to 'Collect for your own vegetable garden'.

Which leads us to another ossim point. While I'm not normally huge on giving out my personal information online, it does have perks. Since my birthday is in March, I've gotten discounts or free cadeautjes from so. many. different. stores. Albert Heijn's offer was for free grocery delivery. Which meant I got the fun of unpacking crates that had been delivered up three flights of stairs to my door (including plant pots and the crate). No navigating through a busy store with a wiggly toddler. No standing hungrily in front of shelves of stroopwafels, chocolate, and cheesecake mixes. Just unpacking.

And then making a huge delightful mess all over the table as Pippin and I played with dirt and seeds and tiny pots. Oh, the ossimness.

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  1. Yay for ossim days--and plants, sunshine, and baby dance parties.