Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I.D. Photos

<p>Today was photo day. I never had a cute collection of yearly school photos, and I think the last adorable-child-smiling-against-a-vague-studio-background was when I was 7.</p>
<p>Over the last few years, though, I have more than made up for this tragedy. Bus passes, drivers' licenses, residency permits and passports in various countries. Nearly all of them with that oh-so-restrictive rule, "Please do not smile." Hmph. Thanks to America's Next Top Model, I know how to "smile with eyes only," which means that, A, my photos turn out acceptably rule-following to be put in official documents, and, B, I don't look emo. Or "Oh oh you just took my photo when I was absent-mindedly thinking of something else,"which happens pretty often.

In any case, the photos today turned out nice. I walked out of the store, checked again in surprise, and then attached the photo to the four pages of residency paperwork I had with me. Then sealed in the envelope and popped it in the postbox with a wish for safe travels. A sympathetic bureaucrat on the other side who drank good coffee this morning would also be very nice.

The question is, will I be allowed a new I.D. card that declares I am legal to live here? If I am allowed, will they let me know in four months, like last time? The only thing worse than not getting residency again would be if I do, but only if I pick up the I.D. card within a week... while I'm in the USA on vacation. Not cool. At this point, though, I still have about two months, so let's hope I hear sooner, or later, but not in the middle. 

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