Friday, May 18, 2012

Tapas and Techies

<p>Out to eat tonight with the tech team frm church. Some older, some younger. I'm the only girl on the team at the moment, though last year there was another one. Actually, she ran sound for my wedding, which made me happy. Female techies are pretty rare, but the few that I know are cool. I think it comes with the job....

For one thing, techies tend to have a quirky kind of humour. There are always things to notice and quietly chuckle at, preferrably with another techie or two. From the remote (sometimes even soundproof) tech booth, you have a great view of fidgety kids, accidents on stage, and other workers.

Then there's independence. As a techie, you have to be able "to keep your head when everyone else is losing theirs and blaming it on you," (Kipling). If a server crashes or microphone dies, you have to fix it. Now, or sooner. Even if you're lucky enough to work in a team you're still responsible for your part. Judging from the amount of introvert techies I know, I'd guess that the solo work is a big attraction. If you want to be a part of events but don't get warm fuzzy feelings from being surrounded by people, the tech booth is a brilliant place to be.

And tonight the tapas restaurant is a good place to be as well. Great food - so many fun little dishes - and great company. A discussion about years spent running sound, on one side of the table. On the other side, a debate on Macs vs Windows. Drawing on serviettes, discussing Westlandse accenten and Southern drawls. Adding 'Techies' to the graffiti collection on the walls. All in all, a satisfyingly different way to spend a Friday evening.tim

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