Saturday, October 27, 2012

all that stuff

spending an hour on pinterest/stickies planning storage solutions in our new home. looking at several pretty houses and realising suddenly how distasteful i find all that *stuff*. no matter how beautiful or well stored. i'm definitely becoming more minimal - these months of moving, cleaning, and traveling worked well together.
this last move went pretty well, all in all, but there was definitely stress. besides finding and renting a house, and getting all the utilities and paperwork figured out, there was stress to get all our stuff packed.

i do not want to do that again. 

at least not the 'all our stuff' bit. there will always be some stress related to moving. it's pretty much unavoidable. what is avoidable is having 'all our stuff' to pack. when i moved usa- poland, poland-usa, and usa-netherlands, i took two duffels, a backpack with me, and shipped two boxes of books/notebooks. all my necessary stuff - clothes, toiletries, books + notebooks, computer, and camera - fit in a very small space. and i was very content with that. 
of course, i wasn't taking dishes or furniture with me! practically speaking, most house to house moves will be much messier than my international moves. that's ok. it's very practical to keep dishes and couches, etc., when just moving between cities. but having to make so many trips with the car to bring stuff that fell in between 'necessary' and 'practical' was unnecessary and impractical. i'm not really interested in doing that again. i'd much rather not deal with the excess stuff in our next move. and i'd much rather not deal with the excess stuff in our new house!
so, although i already dejunked a lot of things - mostly good stuff that i'd gotten for free - i know there are plenty more to be gotten rid of. farther up and further in.

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