Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jazz morning

Drinking a vanilla soy coffee (almost a latte but not quite) while I proofread a thesis for a friend, jazz radio streaming. I'm a little put out that the Chabot Museum, which I wanted to visit this morning, is closed for repairs this week. I've had it on my fun-to-do list for the last three weeks and every time something has gotten in the way. Pity. D and I got the Rotterdampas last month, so I have a huge list of things I'm looking forward to try. Museums, of course, but also the PannekoekenBoot (Pancake Boat!), the Euromast tower, and other cool places. Besides attractions in Rotterdam proper, the pass covers a few in other cities in the region, like the Science Museum in Delft and the Palace in Den Haag. The biggest question I have is: what fun things should we do this summer and what should we save for nasty weather in the winter?

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