Sunday, April 27, 2014

Long Long Day

Exhausted this afternoon. Biked relatively quickly this morning to ch and back, had fun subbing with the 0-3 class, and made french toast for lunch around 2 once we got home.... And then crashed on the couch for the next several hours. Dozed off while leaning against D, then eventually sat up to do some transcribing - something at least mildly productive with my afternoon. Got hit by another wave of tiredness and had to lie back down for a bit. I had asked if D would cook if I peeled the potatoes, and then realised that even that was almost more than I could handle, so he's doing everything.... So grateful for him. 

Hoping to be in bed by 9 tonight, because while I'm used to the general tiredness, this is full body tiredness as though I'd been lifting weights or running 5Ks. And all I've done is bike today, and walk about 4k yesterday with D, and then random around house stuff. Well, and I swept the house today and that left me breathing hard too. Friday I biked to the hospital and back, and then to babysit and back. So I guess there's been exertion, but I have a hard time accepting that that may just be too much at this point for me. And that 7-8 hours is maybe not enough sleep at this point either. So somehow I need to learn to take it easier....

Encouraging bit from another pregnancy blog post
"Our house is operating under a Priority Policy-- if it must get done it will; if not, it won't. The harder side of letting it be has really been saying no." Grateful for the reminder that it's ok to be less than productive and for the house to be less than clean. To slow down without feeling guilt. Hopefully I can remember that for the next 10ish weeks..... 

So nice to hang out with the little ones today, holding tiny T and smiling over at chubby H-J... that'll be us soon! Rocking a sleepy baby on my shoulder as they suck their thumb...  keeping an eye on little bodies rolling over or reaching for toys. Good to have the reminder that it won't all be sleep deprivation and a messy house and colic for the first year :) I know there's going to be a mix of happy and hard times, but sometimes it's easier to focus on all the challenges and how I can prepare for them ahead of time. And then on days like today, I'm just reminded in a concrete way how precious babies are and how much love we'll have for ours :)

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  1. I won't be sucky and give you the over used, "Rest while you can because once the baby arrives you'll NEVER SLEEP AGAIN!!!!!" but I'm glad that you ARE resting, and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of you snuggled up with your precious baby once he arrives.