Friday, April 18, 2014

Stiffness and Questions

Stiff and sore again on waking. My goodness. But I managed to sleep from about 11 to 5, so that was progress. And then lay awake about half an hour, then slept til 8... then slept another half hour and then woke up, albeit grudgingly and slightly grumpily. Wondering how anyone lasts through 9 months of pregnancy, especially if they already have children. After a cuddle and some croissants and coffee, the day became tolerably decent. Found out that Cyprus was dropping their 'Iron Curtain' over the Easter weekend, which makes me happy. Lovely to read positive headlines instead of the constant war, debt, doom ones. 

D turned on jazz music, which led to us following a link to - World Food Programme - and discussing adding that to our charity list. And then talking about whether we'd ever move overseas and do something hands on like planting gardens or building things, or teach ESL. What would be practical given our education? What would be the drive that would get us there - for a year of adventure in a new country with our little one(s), or a need to help people?

No answers at this time. Just cranberry juice and sunshine and a relaxing Easter weekend ahead.... And hopefully naps and yoga for me so I can wake up positive about a day.

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