Thursday, February 19, 2015

Want vs Need

One of the things I noticed while I continue my house hunt is that I'm very focused on us and on what we want. 

Is there a garden for me? A play place for Pippin? Room for a workbench for Faramir? Can we all enjoy our hobbies and follow our passions?

Is the neighborhood safe for us? Can I go running and not be paranoid? Can Pippin go out to play at a park when he's older?

Is there a grocery store in the area? Can Faramir bike to work? Will our furniture fit in the house? Should we hire a moving van?

All valid concerns. But, I realized, they wouldn't be as important if we were moving somewhere to serve others. Say we were going to work at an NGO, to dig wells or start a medical clinic or translate. I'd still want us to be safe, obviously, but there would be a whole different set of questions.

What is the best area for us to move to so we can help other people? If dangerous, what precautions would we take?

Will we be close to a market or community center so I can learn the language?

What can we do to not cause problems by our lifestyle? Should we just move with a few suitcases and leave everything else behind?

Most of our friends here have nice houses (though not extravagant ones). When choosing a home here, I'd like to fit in, which means nothing too humble or cramped. If we moved somewhere else, fitting in would likely mean nothing too showy or expensive. 

Here: I want us to move so we can have a better life.

There: I would want to move so others can have better lives.

Here: I'm looking for a house with what we want.

There: I'd be looking for a house with what we need.

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  1. That's great food for thought, especially since we are going to move in a couple of months too.